TARIH DATE 24.08.1999 Bu seri 2 karttan olusur
ADET ISSUED NO. various This series consists of 2 cards
BIRIM UNIT 30 and 60 units Baski / Printing: Transvaro ( and SwissCard)
cirit.jpg (20349 bytes) cirit.jpg (20349 bytes)
N-069 Cirit (Javelin)  Issued: 2.500.000    30 UNITS
N-070 Cirit (Javelin)  Issued: 1.500.000    60 UNITS
N-071 Yagli Gures    (Oily Wrestling) Rev.A (older)
N-071A Yagli Gures  (Oily Wrestling) Rev.B (newer)
Issued: 3.000.000             100 UNITS
cirit.jpg (20349 bytes) cirit.jpg (20349 bytes)
N-071 Reverse A from SwissCard N-071A Reverse B from Transvaro

Note: N-071 comes with two variations:

N-071   magnetic stripe directly on purple background (rarer - printed by SwissCard)
N-071A magnetic stripe on white band on purple background ( printed by Transvaro )


Jerid, one of the oldest sports of the Turks, dates back to the period of Central Asia. It is played on the horse-back with long sticks named "jerid". Jerid is one meter in length, quite heavy and thick, and made of dried oak or date-palm.

The teams have the same numberof players on their specially trained horses. they lined up 70-200 meters away from each other. Just as one of the players throws his jerid at a player from the other team the game starts. Then the latter runs after the former and another player from the first teams runs after the player from the second team. The game continues like that.

In this game the only target is the player himself. if any player throws the jerid at the horse, he is outed from the game. Each hit gains a point. when all the players throw their jerids the game is over. The team which gains the most of the points wins the game.

Jerid is very common in the Ottomans in the 16th and 19th centuries. Today, this game played only in erzurum, Kars, Artvin, Bayburt and Konya, generally as a show with the accompany of music.


In the Turkish wrestling sport, oily wresling is the second common style after "karakucak". It is common especially in the region of Aegean and Thrace. Today it is also common in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Romania.

In this kind of wresling sport, oily wrestlers wear leather trousers, named "kispet" and rub olive oil in their bodies. the most important thing in this sport is balance. There are 5 categories from low to high ( light to heavy).

Oily wresling starts with a special epic and prayer. In this professional kind there are 33 different games. A "pehlivan" (wrestler) collects money from the spectators whether he win or not. The winner gains the prize.

The most popular wrestling in Turkey is "Kirkpinar Wrestling" organized every year, traditionally 3 days before Hidirellez (the day of beginning of summer), in Sarayici, Edirne.

The pehlivan called "Kirkpinar Agasi" is responsible for the wrestling contests. The winner becomes "Baspehlivan" (head wrestler) and takes a golden belt. The one who becomes "baspehlivan" for 3 in succession owns the golden belt. The legendary names of this sport are Kel Alico (he became "baspehlivan" for 27 years in succession), Koca Yusuf, Colak Mümin, Adali Halil, Katranci Halil and Kurtdereli Mehmet.

source: Turk Telekom Pazarlama Dairesi Baskanligi Tanitim ve Reklam Sube Müdürlügü