TARIH DATE 04.11.1999
Bu seri 4 karttan olusur
ADET ISSUED NO. various / see below
This series consists of 4 cards
BIRIM UNIT 30 & 60 unit
Baski / Printing: Swisscard
N-080 Ertokus Hani - Konya Egirdir   30 UNIT 
Issued: 3.000.000 Error : 60 unit exist as an error , see below !!!
N-081 Sultan  Hani - Konya Aksaray   30 UNIT 
Issued: 3.000.000
N-082 Öresun Hani - Kayseri Aksaray   60 UNIT 
Issued: 2.000.000 
N-083 Sarapsa Hani - Antalya Alanya  60 UNIT 
Issued: 2.000.000 

N-080 Ertokus Hani - Konya Egirdir  :Reverse
60 UNIT  Face value error - rare !!!

The caravanserais are today's hotels. Europeans established the first hotel in 1750, whereas the date back to caravanserais in Anatolia 11th century.

The distance between the caravanserais was determined based on how far a caravan can o in one day. They accomodated dormitories having fireplace, cellars, cowsheds, repair workshops, farrier, bath, water-tank, hospital, a small mosque and coffee-house. The caravanserais managed by a counsil of management consisting of 3 persons, had not requested payment in return for any service from travellers without distrinction of religious and race.

It is on Konya-Aksaray road and 40 kilometers from Aksaray. Aladdin Keykubat the 1st had Muhammed Bin Havlan el-Dimaski built in 1229. It is the biggest and the most beautiful in all Seljuk caravanserais.

The caravanserai on the Egridir-Konya road, was build by Mübarizüddin Ertokus in 1223, is simple and stone building.

The caravanserai on the Aksaray-Kayseri road, don't have inscriptions, therefore its construction date not known exactly. The caravanserai built in small sizes without courtyard, and today in state devistation, exhibits mysterious effect with its magnificent looking.

The caravanserai is located on the Antalya-Alanya road, was built by Giyasüddin Keyhüsrev the 2nd ( son of the Aladdin Keykubat the 1st ) between the years 1236 and 1245. The name, originates from "Serefze Han" which was modified in time as the local inhibitants called it "Sarapsa Han". Its plan features a tunnel with vault which makes it different from others.

source: Turk Telekom Pazarlama Dairesi Baskanligi Tanitim ve Reklam Sube Müdürlügü