TARIH DATE various / see below Bu seri 4 karttan olusur
ADET ISSUED NO. various / see below This series consists of 4 cards
BIRIM UNIT 30 & 60 unit Baski / Printing: Prestige Card
Malatya  N-072: 30 UNIT    N-073: 60 UNIT
Issued:            4.500.000             2.000.000
Date:             01.09.1999           04.10.1999
Hakkari  N-074: 30 UNIT      N-075: 60 UNIT 
Issued:            4.000.000              2.000.000
Date:             20.09.1999            01.11.1999
Sumak   N-076: 30 UNIT   N-077: 60 UNIT
Issued:            4.000.000           2.500.000
Date:             04.10.1999         01.09.1999
Corum    N-078: 30 UNIT       N-079: 60 UNIT
Issued:            4.000.000                2.000.000
Date:             01.11.1999              25.09.1999


It's known that kilim, which is woven in hand loom with colourful yarns as a flat weaving was introduced in Turkish art via Seljuks from Asian Turkistan and it was improved as a handcraft by nomadic Turkmens and Yoruks.

The blue, white and dark blue kilim with medallion flowers in Konya Mevlana museum ( 15th century ), the kilims with carnation motifs in Divrigi Ulu Mosque and Kütahya Hisarbeyoglu Mosque ( 16th century and 17th centuries ) are the samples of the oldest kilims. The kilims dating back to the older periods had disappeared. All of the kilims in Turkish museums and special collections belong to the period after 17th century.

Up to the end of 19th century (1880) the yarns of all the kilims woven in Anatolia were coloured by vegetable dye. After 1880 the use of vegetable dye in kilims decreased because of aniline.

Vegetable and geometrical motifs, letters from several tribes, religious motifs, stylized animals figures and symbolic motifs were used in kilims. These motifs on the kilims have different names depending on the regions. For example, family tree representing continuity of life, stylized double headed eagle representing power and sovereignty, snake representing health and happiness, protective dragon and stylized animal figures are some of the motifs of kilims.

source: Turk Telekom Pazarlama Dairesi Baskanligi Tanitim ve Reklam Sube Müdürlügü