ALTIN KANATLAR " Bir cesaret öyküsü "
GOLDEN WINGS " A story of courage "
TARIH DATE 05.2001 Bu seri 5 karttan olusur
ADET ISSUED NO. various / see below This series consists of 5 cards
BIRIM UNIT various / see below Baski / Printing: ABACICARD
N-160 Rasit Yüzbasi Ismail Hakki Bey
N-160 Captain Ismail Hakki Bey ( navigator)
Issued: 600.000                                     30 UNIT
N-161 Sehit Pilot Üsttegmen Nuri Bey
N-161 First Lieutenant Nuri Bey
Issued: 600.000                                     30 UNIT
N-162 Rasit Üsttegmen Sadik Bey
N-162  First Lieutenant Sadik Bey  ( navigator)
Issued: 600.000                                     30 UNIT
N-163 Sehit Pilot Yüzbasi Fethi Bey
N-163 Captain Fethi Bey
Issued: 350.000                                     60 UNIT
N-164 Tüm resimler
N-164 All four together
Issued: 350.000                                     60 UNIT

ALTIN KANATLAR " Bir cesaret öyküsü " / GOLDEN WINGS " A story of courage " :

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The first flight between Paris, Istanbul and Cairo, took place in 1913. This was the greatest achievement in aviation history at that moment in time. The Turkish Minister of Defence, Enver Pasa wanted to show that Turkish aviation was not behind that of Europe so he ordered two planes to fly from Istanbul to Cairo. In the first plane were Captain Fethi Bey and First Lieutenant Sadik Bey and in the second were Captain Nuri Bey and First Lieutenant Ismail Hakki Bey. In order to commemorate the courage of these pilots, on the 15th May 2001, an aeroplane of the same design will fly along the same route and a documentary will be made about it.

Captain Mehmet Fethi Bey : He was born in 1887 at Ayazpasa. He graduated from Deniz Carkci College in 1907 and from 1912 to 1913 he studied aviation in England. He fought in the Balkan Wars and for his bravery was awarded the Silver Merit Medal. In 1914 he became a captain and took off from Istanbul on 8th February 1914, bound for Alexandria. His plane called "Muavet-i Milliye". His plane crashed on the 22nd February 1914 between Damascus and Tiberias ( Sea of Galilee ) in the valley of Hell. He was the first Turkish Air Force captain to die in a plane crash. He was buried in Damascus in Saladin's Mausoleum.

First Lieutenant Sadik Bey ( navigator ) : He was born in Salonica ( Tselloniki ) and completed his elementary then middle school studies in Salonica and graduated from Manastir Military College as a lieutenant. He accompanied Enver Pasa to Benghazi during the war in Libya. When Enver Pasa became the Minister of Defence, Sadik Bey was his assistant. On the 8th February 1914 he accompanied Mehmet Fethi Bey as navigator. He died when the plane crashed between Damascus and Tiberias ( Sea of Galilee ) in the valley of Hell.

First Lieutenant Nuri Bey : He was born in Istanbul in 1891. In 1911 he graduated from Artillery College as Lieutenant. He completed his education in England in 1912. He was sent to France to be trained as a pilot and returned during Balkan Wars. On the 11th March 1914, on his flight from Istanbul to Cairo, he was killed whilst taking off from Jaffa and crashed in the sea. He was buried in Saladin's Mausoleum in Damascus.

Captain Ismail Hakki Bey ( navigator ) : He graduated from Safra Village Aviation College. He accompanied Nuri Bey, from Istanbul to Cairo, in a plane called "Prince Celaleddin". He survived the Jaffa crash but he was killed in the First World War.

source: PTT Genel Müdürlügü, Parasal Posta Isletme Dairesi Baskanligi