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I have / missing registry
Adria Airways   x Croatia
Aegean Airlines x   Greece
Aer Lingus x   Ireland
Aero California x   Mexico
Aerodienst   x Germany
Aeroflot x   Russia
Aerolyon   x France
AeroMexico   x Mexico
Aerolineas Argentinas x   Argentina
Aero Lloyd x   Germany
AeroPeru x   Peru
Aerothai x   Not airline but Air Control System of Thailand
Aer World   x Travel agency
Air Afrique   x Ivory Coast 
AirAsia x   Malaysia
Air BC x   Canada
Air Berlin x   Germany
Airborne Express x   USA
Aircalin   x New Caledonia
Air Calédonie x   New Caledonia
Air Canada x   Canada
Air Caraibes   x French Antilles
Air China x   China
Air Club x   Canada
Air Do x   Japan
Air Engiadina x   Germany
Air Europe x   UK
Air France x   France
Air Gabon x   Gabon
Air India x   India
Air Hong Kong x   China - Hong Kong
Air Inter x   France
Air Inter Europe x   France
Air Jamaica   x Jamaica
Air Liberté   x France
AirLanka x   Sri Lanka
Air Macau   x Macau
Air Madagascar x   Madagascar
Air Malta x   Malta
Air Mauritius x   Mauritius
Air Namibia ( fake card )   x Namibia
Air N'auru   x Nauru
Air New Zealand x   New Zealand
Air Nippon - ANK   x Japan
Air Niugini x   Papua New Guina
Air Ontario   x Canada
Air Pacific x   Fiji
Air Philippinnes   x Philippinnes
Air Portugal x   Portugal
Air Plus   x Spain, charter airlines based in Madrid
Air Seychelles x   Seychelles
Air Tahiti Nui x   Tahiti
Airtours x   UK
Air Trans   x Mongolia
Air Transat   x Canada
Air UK x   UK
Air Vegas   x USA
Air Wallis   x Wallis & Futuna, French Territory
Airworld   x UK
Air Zimbabwe   x Zimbabwe
Alitalia x   Italy
Alaska Airlines x   USA - Alaska
Al-Khorafi   x Kuwait
All Nippon Airways - ANA x   Japan
Aloha Airlines   x USA - Hawai
Alpieagles x   Italy
AMC Airlines   x Egypt charter airline based in Cairo
American Airlines x   USA
American Eagle   x USA - Puerto Rico - subsidary of AMERICAN AIRLINES
American Intern'l Airways (fake card)   x USA
America West Airlines x   USA
ANK x   Japan
Ansett Australia x   Australia
Ansett New Zealand   x New Zealand
AOM French Airlines   x France
Arkia   x Israel
Asiana Airlines   x South Korea
Atlantic Southeast Airlines   x USA
Atlas Jet   x Turkey
Australian Airlines x   Australia
Austrian Airlines   x Austria
Avianca x   Colombia
Aviateca   x Guetamala
Avensa   x Venezuela
AwAir   x Indonesia
Azerbaijan Airlines   x Azerbaijan
Azteca ( Lineas Aereas Azteca ) x   Mexico
Azzurra   x Italy
Balair CTA   x Switzerland
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines x   Bulgaria
Basiq Air x   Italy - branch of Transavia which is a branch of KLM
Biman Bangladesh Airlines x   Bangladesh
Britannia / Britannia Airways   x UK
Bouraq   x Indonesia
Branniff ( fake card )   x USA
Brit Air x   UK
British Airways x   UK
British Air Ferries   x UK
British Caledonian x   UK
British Channel Islands x   UK
British Eagle   x UK
British European Airlines - BEA x   UK
British European Airways   x UK
British Midland Airways x   UK
British United Airlines - BUA x   UK
British World Airlines   x UK
Cameroon Airlines x   Cameroon
Canada 3000 x   Canada
Canadair   x Canada
Canadian Airlines Int'l x   Canada
Canadian Pasific Air Lines   x Canada
Carnival Air Lines   x USA
Casino Express ( fake card )   x USA
Cathay Pacific Airways x   China
Cebu Pacific   x Philippines
Chang An Airlines   x China, subsidary of Hainan Airlines
Channel Express x   UK
China Airlines x   Taiwan
China Eastern Air x   China
China Northwest Airlines   x China
China Northern Airlines x   China
China Southern Airlines x   China
China Southwest   x China
China Yunnan Airlines   x China
Cincom x   Japan
CityBird   x Belgium
CityJet   x Ireland
Classic Airways   x UK
Comair   x USA
Contact Air   x Germany
Copa   x Panama
Corsair x   France
Condor Airlines x   Germany
Conti-Flug x   Germany
Continental   x USA
Continental Micronesia   x USA
Crimea Air   x Ukraine
Croatia Airlines x   Crotia
Crossair   x Switzerland
Crossair x   Switzerland
CSA Czechoslavak Airlines x   Czechoslavakia
Cyprus Airways x   Cyprus
Czech Airlines - CSA x   Czech Republic
Dan-Air London x   UK
Dassault Falcon Service x   France
Delta Air Lines x   Delta
Deutsch BA   x Germany
DLT   x Germany, former name of LUFTHANSA CITY LINE
Dragonair Hong Kong x   China
East Line x   Russia - Domododevo
Eastern Airlines   x USA - It is a Japanese card picturing an old DC3 at the Smithonian Institute in Washington !
East-West Airlines   x Australia
EasyJet   x UK
Edelweiss   x Switzerland
Egypt Air   x Egypt
El Al Israel Airlines x   Israel
Emirates x   UAE
Empire Airlines   x UK
Estonian Air ( fake card )   x Estonia
Ethyopian Airlines   x Ethyopia
EuralAir x   France
Eurowings   x Germany
Eva Air x   Taiwan
Evergreen International   x USA
Excel Airways   x UK
FAI Air Service   x Germany
Faucett Peru   x Peru
FIGAS x   Falkland Islands
Finnair x   Finland
Finnish Air Lines x   Finland
First Choice   x UK - Charter
Flight West (Norfolk Island)   x Norfolk Island
Flugleidir ( Icelandair )   x Iceland
Fly Air x   Turkey
FLY Linhas Aeras x   Brasil
Flynordic x   Sweden
Frontier Airlines   x USA
Garuda Indonesia x   Indonesia
GB Airways x   UK
GermanWings   x Germany
Germania   x Germany
Ghana Airways   x Ghana
GPA   x Not airline
Gulf Air x   Bahrain
Golfstream International   x USA
HAC - Hokkaido Air Service x   Japan - subdidary airline of Japan Airlines
Hainan Airlines x   China
Hanjin   x China
Hapag-Lloyd x   Germany
Hapag-Lloyd Express   x Germany
Harlequin Air   x Japan
Hawaian Air   x Hawai - USA
Helen Air x   St.Lucia
Horizon Air x   USA
Iberia x   Spain
Indian Airlines   x India
Interflug   x Germany
Interjet   x Mexico low cost airline based in Toluca
Interot Airways x   Germany
Intra Jersey x   UK
Iraqi Airways   x Iraq
Iran Air x   Iran
Israir   x Israel
J Air x   Japan
JAC Air   x Japan - subsidary airline of JAS
Japan Asia Airlines - JAA x   Japan
Japan Airlines - JAL x   Japan
JAL Express - JEX   x Japan
JALways   x Japan
Japan Air System - JAS x   Japan
Japan Air Charter  - JAZ x   Japan
JTA x   Japan
Jersey European   x UK
Jet Blue Airways   x USA
Jet2   x UK charter airline based in Leeds
JET4you x   Morocco
JU-Air   x Switzerland
K L M x   The Netherlands
Korean Air x   Korea
KBAS - Korean Business Air Service   x Korea
Kras Air - Krasnoyarsk Airlines   x Russia
Kuwait Airways x   Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan Airlines x   Kyrgyztan
Lacsa   x Costa-Rica
Ladeco   x Chile
Lakers Airways x   UK
LanChile x   Chile
Lapsa Air Paraguay   x Paraguay
Lauda Air x   Austria
Leisure International Airways   x UK
LIAT - Leewards Islands Air Transport   x Antigua & Barbuda
Livingstone   x Italy - is going to merge with LAUDA AIR
Logan Air   x Scotland
Lotus   x Egypt charter airline based in Cairo
LOT Polish Airlines x   Poland
LTE   x Germany - Former name of LTU
LTU Int'l Airways x   Germany
Lufthansa x   Germany
Lufthansa CityLine   x Germany
Luxair   x Luxembourg
Mahalo Air   x USA - Hawai
Malaysia Airlines x   Malaysia
Malev Hungarian Airlines x   Hungary
Malmö Aviation   x Sweden
Marmon   x  
Martinair Holland   x The Netherlands
Martinair Japan x   Japan
MEA Middle East Air Liban   x Lebanon
Menajet   x Lebanon charter airline based in Beyrouth
Merpati   x Indonesia
Metro Jet   x USA - branch of US Air
Meridiana Airlines x   Italy
Mexicana Airlines x   Mexico
MIAT Mongolian Airlines x   Mongolia
Midwest   x USA domestic airline based in Milwaukee
Minebea   x Japan
Monarch Airlines x   UK
Mount Cook Line   x New Zealand
My Travel   x UK - Charter
Nakanihon Air Lines - NAL x   Japan - has changed name in AIR CENTRAL and is now in the ANA group
Nakanihon Air Service   x Japan
Nagasaki Air Ways - NAW   x Japan
Nationair  (fake card)   x Canada
National   x USA
Nica   x Nicaragua
Norcanair   x Canada
Nordeste   x Brasil
Norfolk Jet   x Norfolk Islands
Northwest Airlines x   USA
Olympic Airways x   Greece
Oman Air x   Oman
Omsk Avia x   Russia
One-Two-GO x   Thailand
Onur Air   x Turkey
Orbis   x Not airline but non profit organisation
Orient Thai Airlines x   Thailand - Domestic airlines also known as ONE-TWO-GO 
Pakistan Intern'l Airline - PIA x   Pakistan
Panam   x USA
Papillon   x USA
Pelita Air Service   x Indonesia
Philippines Airlines x   Phillippinnes
Pluna - Uruguay x   Uruguay
President Airlines   x Cambodia
Proteam x   ???
Pulkovo Aviation   x Russia
Qantas Airways x   Australia
Qatar   x Qatar
RAC - Ryukyu Air Commuter   x Japan
RAF - Royal Air Force x   UK
Railway Air Service   x UK
Reno Air   x USA
Rio Sul   x Brasil
Royal   x Canada - merged with Air canada in 2000 / ex. 686,date 1996
Royal Air Maroc   x Morocco
Royal Brunei x   Brunei
Royal Jordanian Airlines x   Jordan
Ryanair x   Ireland
Sabena x   Belgium
Saeta   x Ecuador
Saudia   x Saudi Arabia
Scandinavian Airlines - SAS x   Sweden
Scenic Airlines   x USA
Sempati Air   x Indonesia
Shandong Airlines   x China
Shanghai Airlines x   China
Shenzen Airlines x   China
Sibirsk   x Russia
Sichuan Airlines   x China airline based in Chengdu
Silk Air   x Singapore - branch of Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines x   Singapore
Sky x   ?
Sky Airlines Europe   x Italy
Skymark Airlines   x Japan
SkyNet Asia Airways - SNA   x Japan
Slovak Airlines x   Slovakia
Sol Air   x Honduras
South African Airways - SAA x   South Africa
Southwest Airlines   x USA
Southwest Air Lines x   Japan
Spanair   x Spain
Swissair x   Switzerland - Bankrupted and became Swiss in 1992
Swiss x   Switzerland
Syrian Arab Airlines   x Syria based in Damas
TAAG  ( fake card )   x Angola
TAM   x Brasil
TAT   x France
Taca   x El Salvador
Taca   x Honduras
Tavoni x   Italy
TDA   x Japan - Merged with JAL
T W A x   USA
Tarom x   Romania
Thai International Airways x   Thailand
Thomas Cook Airlines x   Germany
Tower Air   x USA
Transbrasil   x Brasil
Tunis Air   x Tunisia
Turkish Airlines - THY x   Turkey
Tyrolean   x Austria
Union Air Transport   x Germany
United Airlines x   USA
Ural Airlines   x Russia
US Airways x   USA
USI   x Korea
UTA French Airlines   x France
Uzbekistan Airways   x Uzbekistan
ValueJet   x USA - Merged with AIR TRAN in 1997
Varig x   Brasil
VASP - Brazilian Airlines   x Brasil
Viasa - La Linea Aerea de Venezuela x   Venezuela
Vietnam Airlines   x Vietnam
Virgin Atlantic Airways x   UK
Virgin x   UK
Volare x   Italy
Wardair  ( fake card )   x Canada
Waterwings Airlines   x New Zealand
Western Airlines   ( fake card ) x   USA - Merged with DELTA in 1987
Western Pasific   x USA
Win Air - Windward Islands Airways   x St. Marteen, Dutch Caribbean
Wizzair   x Hungary
Xiamen Airlines x   China
Zambia Airways   x Zambia - 6th plane from the foreground